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Video Transcript

Historically, the use of persulfate has been central in the technologies used for oxidizing groundwater and soil contaminants in activation technology or product form. As a result, environmental remediation practitioners have had to use large volumes of often dangerous activation chemicals when using persulfate to degrade contaminants in situ, a situation that posed health and safety risks to field practitioners, and also added to the cost of remediation projects.

Thanks to PersulfOx, an advanced in situ chemical oxidation, or ISCO, reagent from Regenesis, contaminant destruction without the associated cost is now possible. Practitioners now have a safe, effective and simple-to-use product that saves time and money. Used in more than 11 countries, 38 states, 414 sites, PersulfOx is suitable for gas stations, dry cleaners, manufacturing, and industrial use. Known as advanced catalyst based activation chemistry, this unique technology has been demonstrated to be more effective than traditional activation methods for persulfate, such as chelated iron, thermal, alkaline, and hydrogen peroxide activation.

This is how it works. If the subsurface pH drops into the circumneutral range, or a pH between 6.5 and 7.5, a heterogeneous catalyst forms within the aqueous medium under treatment. This catalyst then proceeds to activate the persulfate, thereby stimulating degradation of the target contaminants. PersulfOx comes packaged as an all-in-one soluble powder that is simply mixed with water for application through direct push injection points, injection wells, or other injection delivery systems into the aquifer requiring treatment.

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