Many companies offer a variety of remediation systems to clean up contaminated sites, however not all of them offer a solution delivering complete remediation like REGENESIS® does. To highlight the suite of approaches offered as environmental technology experts, please consider the following proven and effective solutions:


  1. 11 different types of in situ and ex situ treatment approaches available – from enhanced aerobic biodegradation to ORC Advanced pellets used in excavation
  2. Proven, effective solutions for a variety of site types – from dry cleaners to industrial manufacturing sites
  3. 13 different advanced and state-of-the-art technologies – from PlumeStop® to PersulfOx®
  4. Technical support provided by our knowledgeable team – providing you with recommended solutions, product and technology assessments, and application designs
  5. Expert in-field application services – to ensure our products are applied correctly for the best possible result
  6. High quality service for environmental consulting, engineering, and construction firms– we have a broad range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to private manufacturers
  7. A streamlined process saving you time, energy, and money
  8. Custom remediation design, strategies, and solutions based on your goals, time frame, and budget
  9. 100% commitment level to a new project and customer
  10. Innovative technological solutions not seen anywhere else
  11. 20+ years of experience in the industry – our staff developed the first oxygen release products to inject in situ in the early 1990’s
  12. Experience, with over 26,000 product applications globally
  13. Long-term and proven results backed up by our countless successful case studies
  14. Availability in all U.S. states and extending worldwide – our offices are throughout the U.S. and Europe with strategically placed distribution partners
  15. Regulatory Approval – Approved by local and federal regulatory agencies across the US and abroad

Our remediation designs and applications are unique for every client. If you’re in the process of planning your next remediation project please Contact Us to explore the many options available for safe and effective results that provide the lower total cost to closure and complete remediation.