team-webIf you ask a C-level executive in almost any industry which department they feel is most critical to their company’s overall success, chances are many will respond that it’s Customer Service. And although it’s reasonable to argue that other divisions, such as Sales, R&D, and Accounting are equally important, it is generally agreed that in most cases, the Customer Service Department is tasked as being the “face” of the company. At REGENESIS, it’s reassuring to know the Customer Service team, led by Angelica Hurtado, has a distinguished track record of providing superior results-oriented service that continues to differentiate the company from its competitors. Angelica and her team are tasked with a myriad of responsibilities that include credit processing, delivery setup, product shipping, and logistics, and that’s just for starters. Since each of these includes a host of time-sensitive variables, one could surmise that the term “multi-tasking” is synonymous with this vital REGENESIS department.

While there are several factors that contribute to the success of the Customer Service Dept., timing, accuracy, and thoroughness most likely stand out as being the most integral. These routinely come into play from the outset, such as when the department assists the Sales team by processing the sales order, and continues throughout the product shipping and delivery process. Although there are a variety of logistical challenges with regard to shipping, it’s often the product orders themselves that pose the toughest test. Such as when a carrier loses the product shipment, or it arrives without the lift gate truck, or when the driver doesn’t have the certification to enter a military base. It’s situations like these that propel the Customer Service team to “super hero” status, from providing ordinary service to extraordinary service. It may require procuring replacement product quickly, or finding someone to assist with offloading, or challenging the driver they absolutely MUST go back with the right truck in order to complete the delivery to the customer.

To ensure accurate, on-time delivery, the Customer Service team tracks each in-transit order, every morning. Timely follow-up with the customer is initiated frequently, such as when a delay in shipping occurs, to arrange for alternate delivery planning and scheduling. According to Angelica, accurate and timely shipping is not always about out-shipping. It can also involve processing product that is being returned. “Returns are another area we assist in,” shares Angelica, “We coordinate directly with the customer on how they should package the product for a return, and we supply all necessary documents they will need prior to them shipping the returned product. We also coordinate the pickup based on our customer’s specification with our freight companies, and ensure the returned product is shipped to the closest REGENESIS warehouse.” These warehouses include three in California and one located in the Chicago area.

Managing large orders presents challenges as well, since these can require multiple truckloads to complete delivery. One such example includes a job site in South Carolina, which required two separate truckloads, with each truck carrying over 30,000 lbs. of product . As one might expect, coordinating and managing shipments to military bases or government facilities can also be challenging since information about the driver, the vehicle, and company must be provided 24-48 hours prior to delivery, in order to gain clearance.

With such a high degree of reliance on dependable, accurate product shipping, it’s no surprise that REGENESIS’ shipping vendors rate as the best of the best. “We use two freight carriers directly,” says Angelica. “We also contract with one same-day courier service in California and utilize three different shipping brokers. Most of these carriers and brokers have been doing business with us for the last 10 years. Although we are always open to finding new carriers or brokers, they must provide reliable transit times and reasonable rates, and most can’t deliver both.” Additionally, Customer Service assists in setting up new and existing accounts with customers as quickly as possible to help ensure there is no delay in the shipment of an order.

By performing their responsibilities with the utmost in professionalism, the Customer Service team excels in many ways as the “face” of REGENESIS, ensuring each and every customer is receiving the service they deserve.

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