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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment



Specialized soil and groundwater remediation services for environmental consultants include:

  • Partnering in the planning and design stages of remediation program development; leveraging capabilities of our in-house treatability laboratory to evaluate and optimize remedial solutions
  • A broad range of experience in field-based pilot testing of reagents and application methods
  • Use of high resolution characterization tools to confirm lateral and vertical extent of contaminants and ensure optimal distribution of remediation reagents
  • Detailed pre-remediation site analysis including close review of site maps, subsurface geology, groundwater geochemistry, contaminant locations and concentrations, etc.
  • Hands-on field application management and supervision, including managing drilling contractors and high-resolution site characterization providers to control costs and ensure timely application
  • Mobilization of our own customized, field-proven equipment for optimal reagent delivery, distribution and monitoring
  • A range of reagent application/injection techniques:
    • Direct-injection services (top-down, bottom-up, galleries, fixed wells, direct-push)
    • Soil handling, milling and mixing operations (ex situ and in situ)
    • Horizontal directional drilling for hard to reach applications
  • Detailed remediation application reporting, data logging and record keeping to document all aspects of on-site remediation activity
  • Professional, site specific health and safety plan for the benefit of all parties involved
  • Pre- and post-treatment remediation performance monitoring and data evaluation/review

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