ShannonSuangka, REGENESIS Customer Service Specialist
Shannon Suangka, REGENESIS Customer Service Specialist

Logistics, Miracles, & Air Traffic Control

As a Customer Service Specialist at REGENESIS, Shannon Suangka is responsible for a broad range of client service functions that include credit processing, delivery setup, product shipping, and logistics, as well as the occasional “miracle”, such as pulling off same day shipping on a last-minute order. Add to this the challenges that come with unanticipated changes in project scheduling, planning parameters, and order tracking, and you could say Shannon is much like an air traffic controller at LAX. Shannon juggles a myriad of time-sensitive variables on behalf of REGENESIS’ clients. Multi-tasking within this ever-changing, often stressful environment makes it easy to understand why the term, “Super Hero” is often used to describe Shannon and her fellow department co-workers in the Customer Service Department.

A Positive Approach

Shannon and her family reside in San Clemente, where she is an “easy five miles from REGENESIS.” Upon joining the company in her role as Customer Service Specialist she progressed quickly and made an immediate impact with her positive, “can do” approach in working with clients. Shares Shannon, “I get excited when I have exceeded a customer’s expectations. Knowing I was able to get an order processed for a customer, especially against all odds, is a great feeling. I’m passionate about making sure our clients are happy and I think that shows.” It is often said, ‘timing is everything’, and at times this could not be more true in the day-to-day responsibilities within the Customer Service Department. Shannon continues, “It’s rare that an order will be shipped the same day. Trucks have to be scheduled in advance and the warehouse needs time to pull, pack, and shrink wrap product. Ensuring we do everything possible to guarantee the client receives their product on time is my focus and ultimate goal. Easing their mind regarding delivery and knowing they will be happy makes me happy.”


In addition to feeling a great sense of satisfaction from helping clients, Shannon also feels she’s developed a family bond with her fellow co-workers. This stems from her 11 years of dedicated service experience and the fact REGENESIS fosters such a positive, team-oriented culture. “REGENESIS is my second family,” says Shannon. “We celebrate birthdays, barbecue, have holiday parties, and exchange gifts. Sometimes we bring in homemade treats to share, such as pastries, fruit, and desserts. It’s a welcoming environment here.”


As one would expect, every job has its challenges, and Shannon’s is no exception. One of the most demanding aspects of her job is time management and prioritizing. She goes on to say, “Meeting the demands of all our clients can be difficult. You need to be able to juggle multiple tasks in a timely manner.  On occasion, shipments may get delayed, lost in transit or even damaged. There’s so much to do in so little time in these circumstances, especially when there’s a crew of drillers and consultants on-site waiting for a delivery. Being solution-oriented and responding quickly to demanding situations, while remaining calm, is extremely important.”

Making Time for Family

When not serving clients in the office Shannon is quick to point out that she makes time for her family, which may include practicing softball with her 14-year old daughter, watching re-runs of her favorite TV shows, (Seinfeld and Modern Family), or taking in a movie.

Appreciating the Planet

When asked how she would encourage others to join the field of bioremediation, she explains that it starts by having a greater appreciation for our planet. She concludes, “Before I joined REGENESIS, I did not think much about our planet’s resources. Now I’m aware of how dry cleaners, gas stations, and old military sites may have caused issues in the environment, and how hundreds or even thousands of contaminants are polluting our earth. I now realize how important it is to do more to conserve energy, preserve our water resources, and take care of our environment.”

REGENESIS is pleased to have Shannon Suangka as its Customer Service Specialist, where her resourceful, positive approach to servicing our customers helps ensure we meet client expectations, even in the most challenging of situations.