persulfox-whitepaperCATALYZED PERSULFATE:
Advancing In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) Technology
For over a decade persulfate has been used to oxidize contamination in the field of environmental remediation. Most project applications have involved the use of persulfate in conjunction with traditional activation chemistries. While these activation technologies can be used successfully to degrade contamination in the field, each has its drawbacks. Over the past decade little was accomplished toward improving the efficacy, cost effectiveness or occupational safety related the use of persulfate oxidation chemistry for environmental remediation. Recently, however, a significant advancement has emerged in the form of a new all-in-one oxidant product that employs advanced catalyst-based activation chemistry.

The focus of this paper is to 1) outline for the reader oxidation technologies employed in environmental remediation, 2) discuss the traditional technologies employed to activate persulfate, and 3) introduce a new catalyzed persulfate chemistry that has been demonstrated to be effective at degrading contaminant in situ, while reducing the need for activation chemicals.

Length of White Paper is 16 pages including 2 pages of references.
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