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Testimonials from REGENESIS Customers

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about REGENESIS’ products and services. If you have had a positive experience working with us, or have questions regarding our suite of safe and effective soil, groundwater or vapor intrusion mitigation products, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us today.

“I wanted to say that we were extremely pleased the REGENESIS Remediation Services team in the field and wanted to let you know that they did an excellent job. I really appreciate them working hard to complete the scope especially given the odd hours and I was impressed by their knowledge and performance. Additionally, thank you for working with us to accommodate all of our requests and making this project a success so far. We definitely have REGENESIS at the top of our list for future injection work!”

– Daniel Keady, E.I.T., Senior Associate Environmental Engineer, Tetra Tech

REGENESIS customer testimonial from Tetra Tech

“The REGENESIS team was instrumental in assisting with our design and execution of the remediation strategy at our site. Dan Nunez worked hand in hand with our engineering team to determine an appropriate remediation strategy to meet our cleanup goals. Dan’s ability to always pick up the phone, despite his busy schedule and give prompt and clear responses to design questions is extremely valuable. The field crew, Brennan Calley and Brian Henderson, made execution of the design simple. Brennan and Brian communicated well with the drilling contractor and myself and through their hard work and efficient execution allowed the project, which was bid on an aggressive schedule, to be completed 3.5 days early.”

– Nick Alfino, Engineer, Antea® Group

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“REGENESIS has some great IP, and among the best technical sales managers in the industry. In addition, they are open about their technologies and always very helpful, from management to technical sales managers to R&D.”

– Matthew Burns, Technical Fellow, WSP USA

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“REGENESIS Products always work for me. I’ve closed dozens of sites using them.”

– Jack Sheldon, Senior Remediation Specialist, Antea® Group

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“We enjoy working with REGENESIS due to the customer service we receive and the wealth of available information they provide us in planning and implementing our work.”

– Jeffrey Carnahan, MS, LPG, President, EnviroForensics

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“Innovative and reasonably priced products, with wide range of applications.”

– Stephen Parton, Geosyntec Consultants

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“REGENESIS is to Remediation as Kleenex is to Tissues.”

– Dennis Schucker, Ph.D., PG, CP, Senior Geologist/Project Manager, POWER Engineers, Inc

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“Customer Service has been excellent. The REGENESIS staff is easy to work with and the personnel are prepared to troubleshoot our unique situations.”

– Ryan Rapuzzi, Project Manager, AECOM

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“The AECOM office in Latham, NY had a great experience with REGENESIS Remediation Services at a sites in upstate NY. The field crew was professional, efficient and worked hard to get our project completed on schedule. Thanks!”

– Gerlinde Wolf, Environmental Engineer, AECOM

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“Your engineers provide solid information and backup for your technical assessments of sites; your products work; your company provides excellent case studies to compare and evaluate. I love working with technically competent people who are nice on top of it!”

– Yen-Vy Van, Senior Hydrogeologist, MAUL FOSTER & ALONGI, INC.

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“I wanted to complement the RRS team on the injection job in West Monroe, LA. It was a very well-run job. It was great to have the experience and professionalism of your team on site. All evidence points to a very successful injection event.”

– Jonathan C. Roger, P.G., Geologist/Project Manager, PPM Consultants, Inc.

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“REGENESIS has done a lot to help me succeed over the last 20 years. They provide exceptional technical service from start to finish of a project, as opposed to just being a vendor of chemicals.”

– Steven P. Sittler, Senior Project Geologist, Patriot Engineering

REGENESIS customer testimonial

“The fact that REGENESIS’ products are more cost competitive now than in prior years makes it more likely that we will use them instead of other alternatives.”

– Jim Rolle, Director, West Central Environmental Consultants

“They are great. When we have needed strategies quickly, they have worked with us late at night and provided quick responses and are great at follow-up to see if we need anything else. And they come by to make sure we know what all they have in hand to help with projects.”

– Dan Gere, Project Manager, Hydrotechnology Consultants, Inc.

“REGENESIS has always been very knowledgeable about what they market. I have come to expect that from them from my very first interaction. They always were receptive and responsive to my questions.”

– Tim Crumbie, President P.G, Geoscience Consultants

“I’ve had previous experience and success with their products. It’s easy to work with them.”

– John Noyes, President, CABENO Environmental Field Services, LLC

“REGENESIS was fantastic to work with. They were very flexible and responsive to our scheduling needs. Several times they were able to make last minute adjustments which otherwise would have caused a significant delay to the overall project schedule. The REGENESIS team was very professional and team oriented; they worked well with the other subcontractors and adhered to our construction sequencing/site logistics. I have nothing but great things to say about REGENESIS. “

– Morgan Cheek, Project Manager, The Hanover Company

Benchmark and Turnkey

“Whenever I work with REGENESIS, I am confident that they can meet my timeframe at all phases – brainstorming, planning, proposal, and product delivery. We always receive a follow up call to find out how the project went and whether it met our remedial goals.”

– Lori Riker, P.E., Project Manager, Benchmark/Turnkey

Benchmark and Turnkey