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Video Transcription

Narrator: Regenesis, the world leader in In Situ soil and groundwater remediation and vapor barrier systems is welcoming a new wave in groundbreaking technologies. Building on a legacy of innovation, Regenesis has consistently led the industry based on cutting-edge science to clean up sites globally. Regenesis delivers on the promise of complete remediation.

Kristen: PlumeStop came out after a number of years of research and development at Regenesis and it has really been a wave of innovation for us in that it allows a polluted aquifer to be converted into a purifying filter.

Chad: We’re able to go in and reduce concentrations, get them to below cleanup levels.

Will: We actually care about what we’re doing. We’re not just out there pumping these products into the ground. We actually want to clean up the groundwater and soil that we’re injecting these products into.

Paul: I do really enjoy what I do. It’s gratifying to work with clients and help them solve their problems.

Jessie: I think it’s very important to leave this planet better than we found it. And I’m just thankful that I work for a company that has that type of integrity and that we are making an impact to have a smaller footprint.

Narrator: As a pioneer in In Situ remediation technologies, Regenesis continues to usher in new and effective approaches that deliver proven results.

Kristen: PlumeStop has already been used at hundreds of sites all over the U.S. as well as around the rest of the world and has been leading to excellent results, really getting to cycles much faster than some other remediation technologies.

Rick: It really starts with our people, their experience or expertise. We have hydrogeologists, scientists, engineers with 20, 30 years of experience. In addition, they bring the latest tools, so advanced site characterization, MIP, passive diffusion bag samplers. Whatever the site calls for, they bring that to the table.

Narrator: From familiar contaminants like petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents to emerging compounds like, Regenesis leads the way with demonstrated success.

Kristen: One of the emerging contaminants in our field is, which is a very difficult contamination problem, and it’s very hard to break down. PlumeStop offers us a way to contain and to completely remove the risk of these contaminants.

We wanna be the best in all aspects. And I think overall that translates to company culture that we can all be proud of and realize we’re all doing our part to help the environment.

Joy: We only have so much space on the earth, so making sure that we’re using everything as much as we can to the greatest benefit, the most efficiency, and making sure that we have something to pass on to our kids is great.

Narrator: Clients from California to Bologna, Italy are reporting groundbreaking results with regulatory goals reached in days, not years. And now Regenesis is aligning with key innovators and scientists to bring an array of zero-valent iron technologies.

John: By using advanced colloidal iron, you’re gonna use the best technology, the best science. You’re gonna have something that works quickly, completely, last for a long time, and you’re not gonna be calling somebody back to going back again.

Kristen: The development of new zero-valent iron technologies coming out of Regenesis right now include a colloidal sulfadated version of zero-valent iron, which is unlike anything else that’s in the field right now. It allows for better reactivity and excellent distribution to ensure good contact and save some money on the application side as well.

Narrator: The wave of innovation never stops. Our clients, and the drive to deliver the highest level of service and support compel Regenesis to reach even higher, constantly seeking unique ways to deliver safer, more effective products and services, while providing the lowest total cost to closure and ensuring success.

Rick: The future of the company is very bright. We are leading the charge in product innovation. So we’ll continue to grow within the groundwater and soil remediation market, but we’re always looking at new innovations to expand beyond.