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Video Transcription

Angelica: My name is Angelica Hurtado, customer service manager.

Shannon: Shannon Suangka, customer service specialist.

Angelica: It’s great because we all work as a team, and I think being part of that team is what really motivates me to make sure that our product delivers on time and we deliver excellent customer service.

Shannon: working as a team, being part of that team and completing that circle, if you will. With all the different divisions we have, it’s tying up those loose ends and completing everything.

Angelica: Customer service for other companies kind of ends once you order the product and you pay for it. And I think it’s not only ordering the product, it’s making sure it gets there. It gets there in full, intact, making sure you received your full amount of product. And then, if you don’t, it’s finding out what you need and how we can get it there for you to meet your deadline.