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Video Transcription

My name is Angelica Hurtado. I am the office manager and customer service supervisor. I think Regenesis goes above and beyond by providing top-notch products, always being on the forefront of products for the environment, and willing to provide them. What I like best about working at Regenesis, I think the openness of the company. The open-door policy, everyone kind of works together. I can easily go in to see someone in accounting, and I have the same access to our CFO, or the CEO of the company, which I think is really unique. What we do in customer service is we take a lot… we pay a lot of attention to the shipments. We know that in this industry there are job sites and people who are waiting to inject this product and that can be a lot…cost a lot of time and money if it doesn’t arrive there. So, we strive to make sure every shipment arrives as scheduled. And if not, we try to communicate that to the customer, so that way they are aware of what is happening and able to plan for that. So, it’s pride for me, to make sure that really for me, to make sure that the client is happy. That they received what they needed, in the time frame that they needed it. And ultimately, that’s the goal.