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Video Transcription

My name is Ashley Cedzo, and I’m the Northwest District Technical Manager for Regenesis. One thing I see in the northwest, probably more so than other folks in the company, is, you know, there’s very challenging geological conditions at a lot of sites. It’s glacial till, it’s impermeable and hard to get amendments into the ground. And so I think even on sites where the consultants are doing a lot of excavation work, we have easy solutions that you can add to the hole as you’re in the process of back-filling, to basically address what residual contamination they still have after excavation work. And, more cost effectively do it than trying to chase a plume.

There was a site in Alberta, in Canada, that was a former gas station site, and our initial plan was to use PersulfOx. Well, what ended up happening is the utilities corridor was too close to where we were going to be injecting that technology. So we had to do a hybrid approach of PersulfOx and RegenOx and use the RegenOx where the utilities were going to be to kind of protect them, and then use PersulfOx on the larger plume.

We want to be the best of what we do in all aspects. And I think, overall, that translates to company culture that we can all be proud of, and realize we’re all doing our part to help the environment and deal with environmental liabilities that are out there.