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Video Transcription

My name is Ashley Cedzo, and I am the Northwest District Technical Manager for Regenesis. I really think what sets Regenesis apart is, I think it’s our team honestly and I think it’s the solutions that we provide. We’re looking at sites in a comprehensive way where it’s not just a, “We’re gonna to try to make a buck and sell you a product that may or may not work,” but we’re really invested in the entire project lifecycle, from start to finish. We want to sell you the best, most cost-effective solutions that are gonna get your sites clean and meet clients needs.

So, what do I like best about working at Regenesis? I think for me, it’s the fact that there is no normal day in the life as a Regenesis employee. Especially in the jobs, that job we do, we are all over the place. We’re in many different geographies, we do many different tasks, there is no, like, one normal standard day of work.