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Video Transcription

Narrator: RRS provides a turn- key solution that guarantees results. Skilled in applying PlumeStop, a revolutionary liquid activated carbon amendment, as well as Regenesis suite of products, the RRS team of scientists, engineers, and project managers understand working with complex site characteristics and able to apply the amendments simultaneously to multiple points for speed and efficiency.

Scott: Our Regenesis remediation project scientists, before they go out into a job site, they’re fully briefed on the the remediation design, the remediation goals, the geology, the hydrology, the site conditions, so when they get to the site they understand what they’re supposed to do, they’re not seeing the site for the first time and they understand the goals of the client. We get a lot of thank yous from our clients who are the consulting firms at the level of quality, detail, and attention that our personnel put into the field. It’s focused on performance, it’s focused on safety, being able to change conditions of the application based on real field conditions.

Steve: What sets RRS apart, without a doubt it’s our people. We have a lot of personnel in our group that are taking initiative that’s really making a difference. We manufacture and supply the product. We known it’s limitations. We know what we can and can’t do with it, and I think that allows us to make better decisions, whether it be from a planning standpoint or field application standpoint.

Ian: Interest in groundwater all started with a class. I took a contaminant hydrology class while I was in school, and while researching paths for that field, I came across environmental engineering program. We know how PersulfOx is gonna react in the bay, we know how to set up barriers for plume stone and we have more of a vested interest.

Tyler: RRS provides experience and knowledge about Regenesis chemicals to ensure that there is a successful application of the products. We’ve been able to advise on what changes need to be made, what changes are most likely to help, and what changes are going to be most cost effective.

Will: This site, it’s in North Jersey at an old industrial site. A few challenges that we’ve had is dealing with historical fill as well as ground water being so close to the surface. We’ve tried several different drilling techniques and we’ve controlled our pressures and flow rates to get the full amount of solution into the ground, and that’s been able to push us ahead of schedule.

Joseph: The injection team is far better than most the other teams I’ve used using drillers exclusively. Bringing in Regenesis to run the trailers and to run the pumps it allowed us at least double production, being able to inject three, four points at a time versus one or two.