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Video Transcription

My name is Carlos Ortiz. I am the south central district manager with REGENESIS bioremediation products. What I like best about working with REGENESIS is really the collaboration and effort between everybody. I think one of the most important things and impressive things for me was that we have people from every different part of the country, different backgrounds and things like that. Yet, there’s a commonality. The core values of that group and the way those core values interact with each other, I mean it’s pretty impressive to have that in a company.

One of the most important things that people don’t realize is we’re not boxing your project in one particular category and here’s the prescription for that project because it’s from that box. We’re interested in learning and understanding the projects so we can collaborate together and together come up with the best solution for that specific problem. Not every project is gonna be the same even though they might look the same, they may have the same characteristics, but every project will require specific effort to identify what that solution is like and towards achieving the goals or your objectives and your goals as a consultant for that project.