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Video Transcription

My name’s Chad Northington. I’m the Southeast District Manager for Regenesis. I actually spent several years in Africa. That was driven by desire to provide for basic needs for people. I believe we’re all entitled to water and health and clean air. So my wife and I spent several years in Cameroon, Africa where we tried to provide those things and some hope to people that were lacking in those areas. So the idealist in me went into this profession because I like to be a steward of our planet, really. And Regenesis allows me to use environmentally benign products or agents to be that steward. To be able to, you know, clean up the environment. Take care of some of the damage that we’ve done and make this a better place really.

There’s a lot of ways that we’re changing how things are done. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re always at the forefront. So we’re always leading the way in terms of new technologies, new ways of doing things, improving upon what’s already out there. That looks like a lot of different things we’ve done that in terms of the way that we develop our agents in leading the way in solving new problems with new solutions. It’s in the way we apply things. We’re coming up with new ways to ensure performance is better and improve upon things that we can improve upon essentially.

So the favorite part of my job, you know, I’m asked by a lot of my friends, I’m a former consultant coming from the consulting world, and so they would ask me, what do you like about this new role that you’re in? And so, easily it’s the fact that I don’t go through all the assessments and the years of gathering data and trying to figure out where is the problem, that’s all very important, right? But I get to jump in at the exciting phase. The phase where everything’s happening, here’s the problem, what’s the solution? So I get to come in and start there and then work through that problem solving. So that’s very exciting. It’s definitely a great part of the job.