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Video Transcription

At Microbial Insights, we provide the most comprehensive high-throughput quantification of microbes and target enzymes that biodegrade chlorinated solvents. Not only can we assess the direct processes that lead to degradation, but also the processes that are less transparent and quite underestimated such as cometabolism and abiotic degradation.

Due to the evolving nature of industry, we are seeing a trend of emerging contaminants that are not well understood. In order to meet this challenge, we actively pursue new ideas and renew our education with peer-reviewed studies. In partnership with site managers, we have solved some of the toughest environmental challenges in our world today. This is the amazing capability of microorganisms. When it could cost a fortune to pump and treat or physically remove contaminated material, it takes a fraction of that cost to develop a microbial portrait of your site. You probably already have a workforce going at your site of these little microorganisms, and Microbial Insights enables you to develop it toward its optimal productivity to close your site faster.

REGENESIS has developed the most superior remediation products in the market. They are all scientifically founded, good products that can be used in the field. And we here at Microbial Insights have developed the most reliable technologies that can test and implement the effectiveness of REGENESIS products. I love the group of young scientists that we work here with at Microbial Insights. I am proud and honored to be a part of such an incredible team. Our technologies contribute to a better and safer world. At the end of the day, we are building and applying technologies which help build sustainable systems for a brighter future.