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Video Transcription

Todd: Regenesis has been in business since 1994 — 24 years. We’re represented in 26 countries. We’ve done over 26,000 projects. What we really specialize in is bringing advanced technologies to clean up the groundwater environment. We enjoy working with our clients, clients here at ECS where we’re able to partner with them to evaluate the sites they have and bring the tools that we have to bear to provide them a high degree of certainty to where we can bring technical expertise in terms of chemical oxidation, enhanced reductive dechlorination, in situ sequestration technologies like PlumeStop.

Kristen: We recently completed a project in Canada where we used PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon to remediate a site that contained both hydrocarbons as well as PFAS compounds. We’re continuing to monitor that site but the results have been very promising. When partnering with universities in Canada, Carleton University and the University of Toronto, to expand our isotherms and our understanding of the absorption capacity of PlumeStop that’s going to happen with these different types of PFAS compounds.

Carlos: Our research and development team have done a tremendous job with our innovative technology focusing on better delivery, safer technologies, that are easier to work with and at the same time still providing a complete solution in terms of complete remediation and a total lower cost of closure.