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Video Transcription

My name is James Harvey, and my title is Manager of Colloid Production. We have worked on numerous sites where we were able to save time and money using our materials and methods. Generally, you have less time in the field, you can operate safer and more efficiently because you’re, you know, pumping at low pressure. Generally, jobs that I’ve been involved with in the past have come in on or under budget. I mean, I’ve had consultants suggest a soluble material that would inject very easily, but it’s not gonna last. It’s gonna wash right away with the groundwater. The larger iron will last forever. But the surface, it oxidizes, you lose the reactive capacity, you really don’t know where it is because you had to fracture it in. Now having a small particle size solid will increase longevity. The data speaks for itself. The contaminants degrade, and the pump and treat system goes away and everybody is happy.