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Video Transcription

My name is Dr. Jeremy Birnstingl. I’m Vice-President in environmental technology at Regenesis. What I like best is that it gives me the ability to use pretty much every tool I’ve got in the professional tool box. I believe I’ve reached on just about everything from my academic training, through professional training, and experience, and as well as this, it still challenges me to use more to develop new skills, so I feel I’m always growing.

How it’s changing the setting is that we put out our technologies supported by sound and deepening science. Now that was essential to me at the time I joined Regenesis coming out of a large engineering firm as a professional scientist, as a principal scientist, but the fact that the technologies have the underpinning support, I think is tremendous. I’m also very happy to be involved with the team that’s developing PlumeStop, and I think that’s going to be a real game changer. The results that we have from the first hundred or so sites now are encouraging, but knowing the capabilities of this product and knowing some of the other areas of development, ain’t see nothing yet.