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Video Transcription

My name is John Friem and I’m the director of material science. There aren’t really that many people in the world that do colloidal materials for environmental remediation. There’s a lot of sites that I would consider to be kind of high hanging fruit that haven’t been able to be addressed by conventional technologies and by using advanced colloidal iron we can come in there and do something more precise remediation. You use less material, you might use probably 10% of the actual product compared to using conventional, you know, brute force type remediation applications.

You’re also going to spend less time in the field injecting it so if your putting in say 1,000 pounds where the prior technology would require 10,000 pounds you will only be in the site for 20% of the time. So your saving costs on your materials and at your application, also it’s going to work the first time. So there is a really good chance that once you go in there you’re going to use the best technology the best science. You’re going to have something that works quickly, completely, lasts for a long time and you’re not going to be calling somebody back to go in back again.