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Video Transcription

I am Jordan Kleine. I am the Southeast Technical Manager for Land Science, Division of Regenesis. I think one of the great things about Land Science and what sets us apart from other vapor mitigation technology providers is that we are here for our clients through every stage of their projects. So, we are not here just to sell our technologies. We’re here to help educate our clients and make sure that we’re really coming up with the best solution for them and you know, their client, which maybe the developer or the city that they’re working with.

One of the things that I love about working for Land Science is the fact that I get to utilize my undergraduate and my graduate degree that I got from Indiana University. I studied and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Management from Indiana University as well as a Masters in Public Affairs. And so, it’s great that I get to really help protect the environment and human health which is what my whole goal was going into getting those degrees.