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Video Transcript

Narrator: Skagit County, located in Northwest Washington State, site at the foot of the Cascade Mountains to the east, home to a fertile valley boasting a variety of agricultural crops. The county was formed in 1883 and named for the Skagit Indian tribe indigenous to the area prior to European American settlement. World-famous tulip fields blanket the valley and millions of tulips every spring and are celebrated annually with the tulip festival. Nearby, ferries leave daily from Anacortes, transporting visitors from around the world to the beautiful San Juan Islands, where many come to whale-watch and take in the majestic vistas. Maul Foster & Alongi, a leading environmental and planning firm, based in the Pacific Northwest, was chosen by the county to remediate a brownfield property designated for a new state-of-the-art Community Justice Center. The Skagit County Community Justice Center project was planned as far back as the 1980s and was needed to accommodate the growing number of inmates served by the county justice system.

Dan: This was formerly a gas station truck stop. It’s also a brownfield site. And the goal was to get this site cleaned up and construct the new Skagit County Community Justice Center on it. Other remedial options were considered. Given the proven track record of REGENESIS bioremediation compounds, that was our deciding factor.

Narrator: Teaming with REGENESIS, Maul Foster & Alongi chose a site cleanup approach that included ORC Advanced Pellets to be added to the excavation and backfill of the petroleum fuel contaminated area as an effective amendment solution addressing BTEX and TPH-G and TPH-D levels, present in the groundwater and subsurface lithologies, silty sand, silt and sand. ORC Advanced Pellets are the dust minimizing, controlled release oxygen pellets used for enhanced aerobic biodegradation in excavations. Maul Foster & Alongi’s site remediation plan included mixing 5,600 pounds of ORC Advanced Pellets with clean backfill soil through the area where over-excavation of petroleum contaminated soil was being conducted as part of the remediation.

Andrew: I was actually involved in the oversight in the field. And so I was, you know, working hands-on with the ORCA Pellets. It was really a simplified process. We were able to get a good mixture within the smear zone and, you know, obviously we’re seeing the results now. So it was very effective.

Ashley: Maul Foster & Alongi is one of our best clients here in the Northwest. So we’ve had the opportunity to do quite a number of projects with them. They’re a firm that is heavily involved in redevelopment of brownfields projects. So we kind of fit directly into their niche of providing solutions and being able to help them close their sites quickly.

Yen: We did a cost analysis and presented to our clients, Skagit County, with the subsurface conditions as we understand it. Bioremediation went out for sure. And with respect to that, we’ve had such success, you know, working with REGENESIS team in the past to clean up site, to ultimately close out the sites and achieve the coveted no further action determination.

Dan: Skagit County views this project as a success. Working with MFA and REGENESIS and the Department of Ecology, we’re able to achieve constructing this Community Justice Center, which I said has been in the making for 15 years. If it wasn’t for the help of Maul Foster & Alongi and REGENESIS, Skagit County would not be here today with the completed Community Justice Center you see behind me.