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Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Paul Mansur. My current position is Project Manager for the East Region for our Remediation Services division. Well I do really enjoy what I do. It’s gratifying to work with clients and help them solve their problems. Favorite site was in Perry, Florida, with Advanced Environmental Technologies, a site called Shell McClellan. We had two phases of work out there: first event where we did in situ oxidation with RegenOx PetroCleanze, and then came back and did PlumeStop and ORC into a network of injection wells.

We saw really good distribution in the subsurface. We impacted the wells as we had hoped to and were able to apply the full dosing of our remediation products for both events. During the sampling, they saw really positive results from event one through event two and were able to achieve a site closure as a result of our efforts on the site.