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Video Transcript

Narrator: Like many urban cities across the U.S., downtown Atlanta is growing and changing. Attracting young professionals who want to live and work in a vibrant city environment, drawn to areas where they can work and play without sacrificing time normally consumed by a long commute, Atlanta’s urban professionals are part of the city’s renaissance. More and more, developers are looking for creative ways to redevelop once-blighted areas and transform them into entertainment centers. Paces Properties, LLC, a leading developer of brownfield and urban sites across the Southeast, has been responsible for many popular Atlanta urban redevelopment projects like the recent Krog Street Market development, providing a setting for an eclectic mix of new upcoming food and entertainment trends. Looking for similar areas to develop, Paces purchased the former Larkin Coil Industrial Operations, a large-sized property with over 52,000 square feet of former industrial space conveniently located on Memorial Drive, an area right for redevelopment due to its close proximity to the highway and downtown areas.

Patrick: This is a unique site because there are several different buildings on the property. Some are as old as 100 years old. This part of Atlanta is growing, needs good retail and restaurants, and it’s taking the property in the right direction.

Narrator: As part of the redevelopment, Paces engaged Nova Engineering and Environmental, LLC, a leading environmental consulting firm with offices across the Southeast, to recommend an effective approach to address the TCE contaminants left by the former industrial manufacturing operations.

Keith: Regenesis was one of a select few companies that was able to produce a design and provide for implementation of that design in the time that we had allotted. Their speed and willingness to work with the tight construction schedule was what ultimately took us to use Regenesis.

Narrator: Ensuring the health and safety of their clients and tenants is a number one priority for Paces.

Patrick: We had to solve for a groundwater problem so we went with Regenesis PlumeStop, which was the best fit for this site to remediate the groundwater.

Chad: So what I like best about working at Regenesis is projects just like this where we get to use our combined services and experience to provide a true turnkey solution. Whether that’s from the design phase through the application, through performance review, and then tapping into our land science capabilities, it really covers the whole gamut.

Jordan: We had talked with Nova about Regenesis and everything that we can offer. You know, we don’t just do vapor intrusion mitigation, we can help with the in situ remediation and actually bring our remediation services team out to these applications. So the fact that we were able to provide more of a turnkey solution made it advantageous for Paces as well as Nova to work with us.

Narrator: Nova worked with Regenesis and Land Science to design a combined remedy approach. The first event applied PersulfOx and RegenOx using injection wells. The second event involved applying a combined approach using HRC, BDI PLUS and PlumeStop. And for the third event, RRS will be installing a PlumeStop barrier with HRC and BDI PLUS added to accelerate bio-degradation.

Keith: We’re currently in the process of our last phase of injections. So far, results have been favorable.

Patrick: Working with Nova and Regenesis has simplified what could have been a very difficult process. It helped us get to the finish line which we are approaching any day now.