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Video Transcription

I’m Rick Gillespie. I serve as a Senior VP of sales for Land Science and for REGENESIS. We address sites with complex hydrogeology in a number of different ways. It really starts with our people, their experience or expertise. We have hydrogeologists, scientists, engineers with 20, 30 years of experience. In addition, they bring the latest tools. So, advanced site characterization, MIP, passive diffusion bag samplers, whatever the site calls for, they bring that to the table.

One of the ways we make a difference on chlorinated solvent sites is really just our toolbox. We have a number of different solutions in our approaches from active source treatment with In Situ Chemical Oxidation to Enhanced Anaerobic Bioremediation for the downgradient plume portions, to really Sorption-Based Technologies with PlumeStop and all facets of the plume that often right at the distal end where you’re trying to keep that contamination from migrating off-site.

The things I’m most proud of is really our technical credibility. Every time we’ve been faced with a challenging site, a challenging contaminant, a new product to develop, that’s been the heart of our decision-making process, is what’s best? You know, what’s best for the site, what’s best for the client, and really making those decisions based on how do we maintain our technical credibility.