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Video Transcription

My name is Tyler Harris. I’m a project supervisor with REGENESIS Remediation Services. REGENESIS has a good name in our field and there’s a lot of pride in maintaining that. So, there’s a lot of motivation to make sure that we don’t have any sort of black eye. We are delivering what we promise to the client the way we promise it and exceed their expectations. That way, they are continually returning to us.

One project where we were able to save the client a lot of money, the project was very difficult due to the change in consistency in the soil from one area site to the other which the client was unaware of, we were unaware of. So, when we arrived on-site, we quickly found that the site was not going to act the way we anticipated, and I was able to recognized that early enough on that we did not get behind schedule. We were able to make changes, get those new changes to the client in a timely fashion that allowed us to complete the project on time and without going overbudget for that project.