Jeremy Birnstingl, Vice President of Environmental Technology at REGENESIS, shared an exciting presentation during a recent webinar in association with MSECA, highlighting new PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon technology. PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon is a new in situ technology by REGENESIS that quickly captures contaminants and accelerates biodegradation, while drastically shortening the timeframes for reaching groundwater treatment goals.

Dr. Birnstingl provided an overview of PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon, principal technology features and site usage, along with case studies. PlumeStop was shown to successfully reduce and eliminate a wide range of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. Watch the full presentation below to learn more about this highly sorbable reagent and see data and results directly from the field.


Learn more about PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon: