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Expert Remediation Consultant Panel: The Four Cornerstones of a Successful Groundwater Remediation Project

webinar recording
First broadcast: June 26, 2018

Speakers: Jeff Carnahan, President, EnviroForensics & PolicyFind and Keith Gaskill, Chief Geologist, EnviroForensics will join Barry Poling and Doug Davis of REGENESIS

In this webinar we are pleased to have a panel of remediation experts who each bring unique expertise, background and skill sets to a discussion on remediation best practices. Jeffrey Carnahan and Keith Gaskill of EnviroForensics® join Barry Poling and Doug Davis of REGENESIS® for a presentation on the cornerstones of a successful groundwater remediation project. The four essential cornerstones to building a successful groundwater remediation approach are: Dynamics, Diversity, Certainty and Affordability. In some less complex scenarios, one or more of these cornerstones may play a lesser role than the others. But, when dealing with more complicated sites, like those with chlorinated solvents or complex geological conditions, each cornerstone demands equal attention to ensure the completion of project objectives. During this webinar presentation, we explain how Dynamics, Diversity, Certainty and Affordability can individually, and jointly, impact the overall project success. Real world examples are used to highlight important points, and to demonstrate how EnviroForensics and REGENESIS managed a high-profile remediation project at a chlorinated solvent release by having all four cornerstones firmly in place.

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