Date: Wednesday, May 4th, 2022
Time: 11am pacific / 2pm eastern

In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Monica Young, Senior Project Manager at CGRS, Inc. Her presentation will discuss a wide range of sites where CGRS has successfully applied PetroFix liquid carbon amendment to address petroleum hydrocarbon impacts. Application methods and results using direct push injection among other application approaches to reach Tier IV risk-based closure will be discussed. She will be joined by Todd Herrington, Global PetroFix Product Manager at REGENESIS, who will discuss PetroFix and new in-situ approaches it is being utilized for.

Highlights of this free webinar:

  • Petroleum hydrocarbon impacted sites achieving beneficial results using PetroFix via two different methods of application
  • PetroFix injected via direct push into the subsurface to achieve Tier IV risk-based closure
  • PetroFix injected into an active UST basin via shallow injection wells

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