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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment

New Technology for In Situ Groundwater – PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon

First broadcast: June 18, 2015

Speakers: Jeremy Birnstingl, Vice President of Environmental Technology at REGENESIS

Jeremy Birnstingl, Vice President of Environmental Technology at REGENESIS, presented a live webinar as a guest speaker for the Midwestern States Environmental Consultants Association (MSECA).

During this webinar, Dr. Birnstingl provided an overview of PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon, a new in situ technology that quickly captures contaminants and enhances biodegradation while drastically shortening the timeframes for reaching groundwater treatment goals. He also shared the latest data from the lab and field regarding contaminant sorption and biodegradation that are possible with this groundbreaking technology.  The full presentation has now been made available to view as a recording. The recording covers each of the following topics:

  • Purpose of the technology – why it is needed, what it contributes
  • The core innovations of the technology – what’s novel and what’s new
  • How the technology works – dispersion, rapid contaminant sorption, enhanced bio-degradation, and regeneration of sorption sites
  • The latest performance data – laboratory and field
  • Appropriate product use scenarios
  • Questions from the environmental consultants attending the webinar

To view a recording of this webinar, please click here or use the button below.