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Remediation Case Studies – Why using Manufacturer-Direct Services Makes a Difference

First broadcast: November 20, 2014

Speakers: Scott Mullin –Regenesis Remediation Services Division Manager and Steve Barnes –Regenesis Remediation Services Project Manager, Geologist

Remediation case studies and the advantages of using manufacturer-direct application services was the focus of REGENSIS’ latest webinar. Held on Thursday, November 6 at 11 a.m. PST, this webinar featured Scott Mullin and Steve Barnes of Regenesis Remediation Services.

Regenesis Remediation Services (RRS) is a dedicated team of scientists and engineers whose primary function is to provide environmental engineering and consulting firms with specialized groundwater and soil remediation planning, design, verification and application services.

During this presentation, Scott Mullin and Steve Barnes of RRS discussed multiple case studies and explained how RRS:

  • Worked with the consultant to develop the remediation solution
  • Built a realistic and effective remediation application design
  • Performed reagent distribution diagnostics in the field
  • Evaluated the influence of the treatment approach
  • Field modified the remediation design based on real-time monitoring data
  • Achieved success for their environmental consulting firm client

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