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Remediation Field Studies Evaluating the Effectiveness of Catalyzed Persulfate (PersulfOx™) vs. Base-Activated Persulfate

First broadcast: February 21, 2013

Speakers: Rick McGregor of InSitu Remediation Services


This webinar discussed two field study remediation projects designed to evaluate the effectiveness of in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) using catalyzed persulfate (PersulfOx™) vs. base-activated persulfate on petroleum hydrocarbons.  The field studies were designed to evaluate the two different types of persulfate applied at each site and reagent-specific characteristics including:

  • Material delivery into the treatment area
  • Subsurface distribution
  • Reagent persistence
  • Treatment effectiveness
  • Potential for rebound

Key findings that will also be discussed include:

  • Distribution of oxidant solution varies by injection method
  • Buffering reactions appear to have a significant impact on pH-based activation
  • There is limited correlation between laboratory and field test
  • Catalyzed persulfate (PersulfOx) produced significantly better treatment results than base-activated persulfate

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