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Vapor Intrusion: Investigating and Understanding Risk

vapor intrusion understanding risk webinar
First broadcast: May 31, 2017

Speakers: Kenneth S. Tramm, PhD, PG, CHMM, Principal, Modern Geosciences and Thomas Szocinski, CEP Director of Vapor Intrusion, Land Science

Land Science, a division of REGENESIS, is pleased to present a webinar with Dr. Kenneth S. Tramm, a founding Principal with Texas-based engineering firm, Modern Geosciences. Dr. Tramm specializes in air quality monitoring, environmental due diligence, risk-based closures, and remediation design. In our previous Land Science webinar, Dr. Tramm discussed how vapor intrusion is impacting the environmental due diligence industry, with a focus on screening for vapor intrusion. During this free webinar, Dr. Tramm provides us with an overview on investigating vapor intrusion and understanding risk.

Joining Dr. Tramm is Thomas Szocinski, Director of Vapor Intrusion at Land Science, who shares successful vapor mitigation case studies.A full recording of the webinar is now available to view for free.

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