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Using Geology to Follow the Groundwater: Follow the Flow to Successful Remediation

In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Rick Cramer, CA Remediation Department Manager at Burns & McDonnell. His presentation will demonstrate Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy (ESS), an established methodology that significantly reduces the uncertainty and provides the framework for characterizing contaminant migration pathways and defining the conceptual site model (CSM). …

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Rick Cramer

Visualization and Modeling Tools for Evaluating Remediation Performance

In this webinar we are pleased to have as a special guest speaker Grant Carey, Ph.D., President of Porewater Solutions. His presentation will demonstrate visualization and modeling tools which may be used to improve the assessment and communication of site remediation activities. Dr. Carey’s presentation will cover the following visualization and modeling tools: Visual Bio™ …

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PFAS webinar

The Vapor Intrusion Risk Pathway: Regulatory Updates & Hot Topics

Land Science® is pleased to present a webinar with Dr. Blayne Hartman of Hartman Environmental Geoscience, a nationally recognized vapor intrusion expert, having assisted various governmental agencies with numerous regulatory vapor intrusion guidances and memorandums over the past decade as vapor intrusion has continued to be at the forefront of evolving regulations. During this webinar …

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Demonstrating Contaminant Biodegradation in Conjunction with PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon

PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon is an innovative remediation technology with the potential to rapidly reduce dissolved contaminant concentrations, decrease risk of migration, and provide a means of addressing contaminant back-diffusion. As is demonstrated in this webinar, the technology permits and promotes biodegradation to achieve not just containment but effective contaminant destruction as a long term …

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Microbial Insights webinar

Multifunctional Amendments and Site Characterization Effectively Manage Back Diffusion from a Fractured Sandstone Aquifer

Fractured bedrock aquifers can be extremely heterogeneous which not only results in complex dissolved plume behavior but can also hinder in situ remediation efforts that rely on subsurface injection of amendments to promote microbial activity and abiotic degradation. Simply put, injected amendments may bypass or have limited contact time with impacted zones due to transport …

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Webinar with Matt Burns of WSP