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Design Verification – Lessons Learned from Pre-Application Assessments at In Situ Remediation Sites

This webinar will focus on pre-application Design Verification steps that directly improve existing design assumptions prior to field application, resulting in improved remedial performance outcomes. Craig Sandefur, VP of Remediation Applications Development at REGENESIS, will discuss the identification of aquifer characteristics that can be documented using traditional field methods and provide the most insight into …

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Combined Remedy Synergies — Quantified Performance Benefits

Today, the variety of remediation technologies available is a direct reflection of the variety of performance characteristics they each present, be it in the balance of achievable cost vs. time, the degree of intrusion necessary for their furtherance, their optimum concentration range for maximum efficiency, or their suitability to a given geological, hydrological, or geochemical …

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Why Focus on the Geology? by Rick Cramer, AECOM

Subsurface geology defines the “plumbing” (permeable pathways) that largely controls the subsurface heterogeneity responsible for groundwater flow and contaminant migration at complex sites. A focus on the geology is imperative for understanding fluid migration in the subsurface. The 2013 National Research Council study regarding complex contaminated groundwater sites concluded that, due to inherent geologic complexities, …

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Effective and Sustainable Combined Remedies using Single Application of Multi-functional Ammendments

The combined remedy approach to groundwater remediation optimizes contaminated site cleanup as measured by technical efficacy and sustainability. Regardless of the potential for improving site cleanups, however, there are still obstacles limiting the implementation of combined remedies. These obstacles can often be circumvented by employing multicomponent and multifunctional remedial amendment formulations delivered with a single …

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Environmental Liability Transfer Sites: Well-Suited to Combined Remedies by Jack Sheldon, Antea Group

In this presentation originally given at a workshop presented by NGWA, US EPA, and REGENESIS®, Jack Sheldon, Senior Consultant at Antea Group, discussed how environmental liability transfer sites are generally well-suited to combined remedies due to the complexity and timeframes of this project type. In his presentation, he explores an example site in California that …

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