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Technology-Based Solutions for the Environment


Environmental Liability Transfer Sites: Well-Suited to Combined Remedies by Jack Sheldon, Antea Group

In this presentation originally given at a workshop presented by NGWA, US EPA, and REGENESIS®, Jack Sheldon, Senior Consultant at Antea Group, discussed how environmental liability transfer sites are generally well-suited to combined remedies due to the complexity and timeframes of this project type. In his presentation, he explores an example site in California that …

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The Vapor Intrusion Risk Pathway: Regulatory Updates

                Land Science Technologies recognizes the rapidly changing vapor intrusion regulations, and in order to present our clients with the latest industry knowledge, we are pleased to present a webinar with vapor intrusion expert Dr. Blayne Hartman. During this webinar presentation, Dr. Hartman discusses the latest in national …

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PlumeStop Case Studies and First EU Projects

      On 3rd November 2015, Dr. Jeremy Birnstingl presented an overview of the PlumeStop technology as well as a selection of the latest case studies including the first PlumeStop projects in Europe. PlumeStop is a breakthrough remediation technology which rapidly reduces contaminant concentrations in groundwater. This new, in situ technology provides rapid and permanent …

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Reduce Groundwater Contaminants in Days with PlumeStop®

      Jeremy Birnstingl, Vice President of Environmental Technology at REGENESIS, presented a live webinar with the latest information about PlumeStop® Liquid Activated Carbon™ on Wednesday, September 9th. Learn how to “Reduce Groundwater Contaminants in Days with PlumeStop” and see the latest information from the lab to the field, along with a recent case …

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New Technology for In Situ Groundwater – PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon

Jeremy Birnstingl, Vice President of Environmental Technology at REGENESIS, presented a live webinar as a guest speaker for the Midwestern States Environmental Consultants Association (MSECA). During this webinar, Dr. Birnstingl provided an overview of PlumeStop Liquid Activated Carbon, a new in situ technology that quickly captures contaminants and enhances biodegradation while drastically shortening the timeframes …

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