Fuel tank and pipework leaks

Fuel tanks and oil pipelines – as utilised in oil depots, fuel retail stations, tank farms, home heating oil and in industry – have the potential to leak.

Pollution from these leaks can become widespread and pose a risk to the environment and human health. Reactive remediation to address these can be costly and disruptive.


Risk management: Pro-active, preventative treatment

PetroFix® can be applied during installation of fuel infrastructure e.g. following a previous leak and remediation project, or during scheduled replacement of pipelines and underground storage tanks.

This pre-application prevents contamination of clean backfill and reduces the risk and spread of future pollution events. Preventative treatment costs will be low and provide savings by avoiding/reducing the scale of any remedial works needed.

PetroFix is a liquid form of activated carbon and so can provide unequalled coverage and coating of bedding materials. It spreads easily, is non-toxic and safe to handle and apply.


PetroFix preventative treatment locations:

  1. Excavations walls and bases

  2. Granular backfill

  3. Pipe bedding

  4. Service corridors

  5. Underground storage tank (UST) bases and fill


Application methods:

  1. Spraying

  2. Pouring

  3. Injection into wells

  4. Direct push injection

  5. Percolation into bedding

From left to right: 1. Excavation and dewatering 2. easy application 3. recontamination prevented
Preventative soil treatment: excavation spray application
Risk management at a fuelling station: PetroFix®coated UST bases, fill, and pipe bedding

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