Using a number of case studies, Jack Shore, District Manager UK & Scandinavia, is providing presentations will illustrate and explain innovative in situ remedial approaches, application methods used and the results achieved. Each talk will typically be 1 hour in length and of no cost. Attendees will receive a CPD certificate to evidence their professional development.

We have three topics to choose from:

1.  In-situ remediation strategies for occupied and commercially active sites
This talk will focus on how the use of in situ remedial techniques can be utilised on sites without causing unnecessary disruption to the owner, occupier or commercial / industrial activities. Projects discussed will comprise:

  • The Volvo car manufacturing facility, where a dissolved BTEX plume is treated;
  • An operational train refilling depot in the UK and the remediation of Bologna train station;
  • A busy industrial dry cleaning site where chlorinated solvents had impacted deep soils and had spread under the building itself;
  • Accelerated remediation of a petrol filling station


2.  Remediation options for sites with restricted access and sensitive receptors

This talk will cover how the use of injectable substrates can be an effective solution for sites where there is restricted access nor are close to a sensitive receptor such as:

  • How injectable substrates can be applied beneath or adjacent to buildings/concrete slabs;
  • Horizontal injection adjacent to steep river banks to address chlorinated solvent contamination;
  • Use of injectable substrates across remote sites;
  • Application of in situ chemical oxidation adjacent to USTs and live services


3.  Successful in-situ remediation strategies for brownfield developments

As part of this talk we will look at sites where injectable substrates have been used to remediate impacted groundwater where the remediation driver was a condition of planning for both residential and commercial development:

  • In situ remediation option: a discussion of theory and practice of different techniques;
  • Onsite application approaches and examples;
  • Remediation of groundwater plumes while development continues: integration of treatment times with construction programmes


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