Remediation Technology Article | Study Outlines Long-Term PFAS Solution Using Colloidal Activated Carbon for Airport Site Remediation

This article published in Remediation Technology discusses a new study outlining a long-term PFAS solution using colloidal activated carbon (CAC) at airport sites. The sustainable in situ CAC approach is poised to save billions of dollars in pump-and-treat system installation, operation & maintenance costs and eliminate millions of tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions that power them. Over 35 in situ CAC treatments have been installed, including recent installations at airports and airfields across the U.S. and Great Britain. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Defense is funding several SERDP laboratory and field research projects to study the technology, as interest in the approach continues to surge.

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Reusable Packaging News | Unseen PFAS Risk Found in Food Packaging Impacts Drinking Water

This article written by REGENESIS PFAS Program Manager Ryan Moore and published in Reusable Packaging News discusses the unseen risk of PFAS found in food packaging. Banning PFAS from food wrappers is one of the obvious solutions states are using to reduce PFAS exposure. Unfortunately, many of these PFAS chemicals have already been released into the environment, threatening to contaminate drinking water sources and impact public health. To mitigate these unseen risks, effective, sustainable colloidal activated carbon in-ground filtration treatments are deployed at over 30 sites worldwide, with hundreds more sites in the planning stages.

Featured Video | In Situ Chemical Oxidation Using RegenOx

This video outlines the use of in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) incorporating RegenOx to break down high levels of contamination in soil and groundwater. Provided in two parts, RegenOx is easily mixed on site and can be injected using direct push technology or via injection wells to target groundwater contamination. It is non-corrosive, making it compatible for use in direct contact with underground infrastructure such as utilities and tanks. As a result, the material can be used safely on busy industrial, commercial and residential sites. Watch the video to learn more.

PetroFix Multi-Site Case Study | Proven, Rapid, and Cost-Effective Petroleum Spill Treatment

The case studies included in this multi-site review include sites where one of Canada’s largest and most experienced environmental remediation services companies InSitu Remediation Services Ltd. (IRSL) effectively used PetroFix in achieving site closures across Canada. As one of the first to apply PetroFix in the field, IRSL has effectively remediated petroleum hydrocarbons on a significant number of sites ranging from gas stations and commercial properties to a UNESCO World Heritage site

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If you are interested in additional information about treatment approaches using the PetroFix activated carbon remediation technology, you can visit our PetroFix Resource Center. Here you can access webinar presentations from industry-leading expert environmental engineers, as well as case studies and technical documents providing PetroFix design and application guidance. If you view one of our on-demand webinars, we’ll also provide certificates of attendance upon request by emailing To start learning more about rapid remediation of petroleum using PetroFix, visit the link below.

Our Upcoming REGENESIS Webinars

REGENESIS invites you to attend our upcoming 2023 webinars. In January through March, we will be featuring webinar events with key environmental thought leaders. Topics will cover modeling PlumeStop longevity at AFFF-impacted PFAS sites, the anatomy of risk-based closures, and in-situ treatment of PFAS at the air-water interface within a source zone. Each webinar will provide an opportunity for questions and answers. Certificates of completion are available on request. Sign up for the upcoming webinars today!*

* NOTE: We encourage you to register even if you are unable to attend every event since you will receive each of the recordings following their scheduled broadcast dates.

Webinar Recording Now Available | Modeling PlumeStop Longevity at AFFF-Impacted Military and Airport Sites

In this webinar we were pleased to have as a special guest speaker, globally-recognized PFAS modeling expert and recent lead author of the REMEDIATION Journal article titled Longevity of colloidal activated carbon for in situ PFAS remediation at AFFF-contaminated airport sites, Grant Carey, PhD, President of Porewater Solutions. His presentation will discuss modeling PlumeStop longevity at AFFF-impacted military and airport sites. He was joined by Scott Wilson, President & CEO of REGENESIS, who provided an update on the use of colloidal activated carbon as a sustainable, low-cost method to eliminate PFAS risk and liability. The recording is now available.

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