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July 2018 Newsletter (EU)

July 21, 2018

  From the end of May 2018, all substances manufactured in or shipped within the EU need to be registered under a regulation called REACH. The intention is that we can all be certain that the products we use are exactly what they claim to be. This is particularly important for remediation practitioners who are … Read More >

April 2018 Newsletter (EU)

April 16, 2018

  This site was a finalist in the UK Rail Industry Awards 2018 for Environmental & Sustainability. Here we removed LNAPL under an active train care depot in the UK, using pump and treat augmented with PetroCleanze, followed by chemical oxidation using RegenOx and enhanced natural attenuation using ORC Advanced. ORC-Advanced Pellets allow construction of a … Read More >

February 2018 Newsletter (EU)

February 14, 2018

  Chlorinated solvent contamination represents a real challenge in Denmark due to its geology. Highly permeable sands allow large plumes to develop and tight clays act as a source of ongoing contamination through back-diffusion. REGENESIS is collaborating with Rambøll and the Danish Technical University (DTU) in a study for the Capital Region, to test the … Read More >

November 2017 Newsletter (EU)

November 29, 2017

World first: In situ remediation of PFOS and PFOA This video presents a case study of the first ever in situ treatment of PFAS on a commercial site. IN SITU Remediation Ltd used PlumeStop® on the impacted site, rapidly removing the PFAS contamination from the groundwater through sorption. The PFAS concentrations have since remained at … Read More >

September 2017 Newsletter (EU)

November 3, 2017

Integrated physical, chemical and biological treatment at operational manufacturing facility In this case study, AECOM has successfully treated chlorinated solvents under an operational manufacturing facility. They used an integrated remedial approach to treat the groundwater contamination. Following Dual Phase Extraction (DPE), REGENESIS and AECOM devised a remedial design based on the updated Conceptual Site Model. This comprised In Situ … Read More >

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