Now available across Europe:

3-D Microemulsion – Factory Emulsified

A newly available version of our marketing-leading 3-D Microemulsion electron donor. The benefits of 3-D Microemulsion Factory Emulsified:

Simply dilute and inject

  • Pre-emulsified for even easier site mixing and application
  • Ideal for large-scale, high-volume sites
  • Minimizes project time

pH neutral

  • Provides excellent compatibility with bioaugmentation (BDI+) and in situ chemical reduction (S-MicroZVI)

Unsurpassed wide-area distribution in the subsurface

  • 3-D Microemulsion continues to distribute after injection is finished (through repeated phases of micelle formation, transport, sorption and dissolution)
  • Maximizes injection spacing
  • Minimizes application costs

Long-term treatment

  • 3-stage-release electron donors providing >4 years enhanced reductive dechlorination from a single application

3-D Microemulsion and HRC products have been used on thousands of sites worldwide and provide a safe, sustainable and cost-effective solution to large-scale chlorinated solvent plumes.

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