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Enhanced Physical Extraction at Operational Petrol Filling Station in Italy

In-situ enhanced desorption of petroleum hydrocarbons with PetroCleanze


After extensive operation, Pump and Treat (P&T) at an hydrocarbon contaminated active petrol filling station, ceased recovering sufficient volumes of LNAPL. Therefore, an alternative was required to improve the recovery of LNAPL on site.

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REGENESIS’ PetroCleanze® was injected across two extraction locations. Following application, PetroCleanze was left for a period of 7 to 15 days to actively desorb the LNAPL into the groundwater after which it was easily recovered using a vacuum extraction truck.

What’s Special?

Desorption of TPH was observed two hours after application (see image) and product was successfully recovered during the two vacuum extraction events – dramatically improving the recovery rate of previously observed on site and achieving removal of free product.