Historic leakages at an active pharmaceutical manufacturing site in Northern Italy resulted in very high concentrations of chloromethane contamination – chloroform/methane and dichloromethane specifically, up to 200.000 and 70.000 μg/L respectively – impacting the groundwater.

Due to ongoing industrial activity, an in-situ remedial technology was deemed the only viable option, as it causes only minimal or no disruption to site activities. After several pilot tests with different remedial technologies and methods, Reductive Dechlorination using REGENESIS’ 3-D Microemulsion® was selected.


3-D Microemulsion was applied by Direct-Push into 52 No. injection points in a grid configuration with 5 m by 5 m spacing. Target treatment depth was 12 m – 20 m BGL within a silty sand formation. In addition, contamination beneath site structures was also treated. The application works were completed in 9 days.

What’s Special?

  • Very high chloromethane contaminant concentrations were successfully treated at an active site.
  • The remedial works caused no disruption to the operations of the pharmaceutical manufacturing facility