Integrated chemical and biological approach rapidly remediates MTBE and petroleum hydrocarbons


A fuel tanker truck over-turned on a small road in northern Italy, spilling over 36,000L of diesel and petrol. The fuel impacted a canal, flood defences, soils and groundwater in the immediate vicinity.

A site investigation was completed concurrently with an emergency oil-spill response, in order to identify the subsurface contamination, build an initial Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and develop plans for remediation. MTBE, petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) and BTEX were found to be within the soil – concentrated within the capillary fringe. The groundwater was also found to be impacted and requiring remediation. A remedial options appraisal was completed, considering technical feasibility, sustainability, time and cost and a combined in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and enhanced aerobic natural attenuation (ENA) approach was chosen.


Case Study Highlights

Read the case study to learn:

  • How BELFOR has  implemented the integrated remedial approach of In situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and enhanced natural attenuation (ENA)

  • Monitoring results for MTBE over time

  • How site closure has been achieved two years after the oil spill event

  • The success factors of this project

Remediation Products Applied

In this oil tanker spill  remediation project, two of REGENESIS’ range of injectable substrates were used in combination. Click the logos below for more information on these remediation technologies: