Surface petroleum hydrocarbon contamination had resulted from historic and on-going leaks at a train maintenance depot near Bristol, where trains were stabled overnight. REGENESIS was asked to design a remedial approach for a hotspot treatment of this contamination within one of the rail tracks.

Remedial Approach

ORC Advanced Socks were installed in wells for the treatment of the dissolved phase contaminants in groundwater. The quick application showed the ease
 of installation, with only validation of the groundwater required to provide evidence of treatment.

ORC Advanced is specifically designed for in situ remediation and can be provided as a powder for direct push injection, pellets for placement in excavations of in socks for installation in wells. The technology accelerates the aerobic biological degradation of contaminants. It consists of a calcium oxyhydroxide with intercalated phosphate, which provides a controlled release of molecular oxygen into the groundwater for up to 12 months, from a single application.


The ORC Advanced provided a >90% reduction in the groundwater within the hotspot area.