This case study reviews an innovative remediation design at a site that is using two horizontal wells which will administer a total of four injection events, with enhanced fluid recovery (EFR) events being performed before and after each injection. BTEX contamination and free-phase product from a petroleum release was discovered in the groundwater at an active gas station in Colorado. After previous remediation attempts from prior consultants, CGRS, Inc., Paragon Consulting Group, Inc., the Colorado Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS), and REGENESIS® collaborated to create a design that would successfully remediate the persistent groundwater contamination and free-phase product.

CGRS case study

This case study features the following:

  • Innovative design and creative solution using horizontal wells to apply PetroCleanze and minimize daylighting
  • The horizontal well system allows for the active gas station to continue to conduct business without disruptions
  • Staying open during remediation efforts saved gas station owners an estimated $8,000 per day
  • PetroCleanze was successfully applied despite the challenging lithology and shallow bedrock