Chlorinated solvent concentrations of up to 5,500 μg/L PCE and 2,000 μg/L cis-DCE were recorded across a 13,800 marea at a former industrial site which was to undergo redevelopment. Due to the large extent of the contamination the site required a technologically innovative and economically viable solution which would grant site sign-off allowing for redevelopment to continue.


REGENESIS designed a cost-effective solution based on the stoichiometric demand imposed by the plume and ambient geochemical conditions within the gravel aquifer. It was decided that due to the size of the plume, the project would require a substrate which had a high radius of influence to maximise the value and effectiveness of the treatment. 3-D Microemulsion® met these requirements.

Application works comprised of 126 No. Direct-Push injection points in a 10m by 10m grid. The 3-D Microemulsion solution was injected over 12 days.

What’s Special?

  • Reducing conditions were established within the first three months after application across the plume and a 45-99% mass reduction was observed throughout the site.
  • Post application monitoring rounds have confirmed that over two years the concentration levels of the contaminants of concern have been maintained below site specific target levels across the 13,800 m2 site.