This case study reviews a former retail petroleum (petrol station) site in the US, where Antea Group developed an excavation plan including an in situ remediation phase using PetroFix™ and ORC Advanced® pellets to address contaminant levels following the excavation and removal of contaminated soil.

This marks the first site where the remediation plan employs applying a mixture of both PetroFix and ORC Advanced pellets at the base of the excavation, along with spray-applying PetroFix to the sides of an excavation pit. Antea Group was tasked with the remediation of the site. Working with the REGENESIS team, Antea Group specified the application of PetroFix in conjunction with the excavation due to the product’s ability to sorb and biodegrade petroleum hydrocarbons.

Antea Group site using PetroFix

This case study features the following:

  • Success at this site can shape and improve the treatment of other similar sites.
  • PetroFix technology allowed Antea Group to design a remediation strategy that was fast, affordable, and highly effective.