Leakages from underground storage tanks (UST) at a former service station, resulted in significant TPH and BTEX contamination impacting the groundwater (with concentrations of 2,200 μg/L and 400 μg/L respectively).

As the site was undergoing redevelopment, remediation was required to reduce contaminant levels to 350 μg/L TPH and 1 μg/L BTEX.


The 55 m2 pilot area was treated through an application design comprising of 6 injection points arranged in a 3 m x 3 m grid spacing. RegenOx Part A (oxidizer componenet) and RegenOx Part B (catalyst component) were applied over 3 injection phases.

What’s Special?

The RegenOx application was carried out using a portable Direct-Push Injection Rig. The rig is easy to mobilise and operate within a restricted area. No installation of above ground equipment was required, so no equipment was left onsite between applications.