Successful pilot study uses colloidal activated carbon to protect
nearby surface waters, United Kingdom



REGENESIS was asked to provide a remediation solution for a Trichloroethylene (TCE) plume in the UK. We worked closely with Golder to design and implement a novel solution that combined Plumestop, HRC and BDI+ to sorb and biologically degrade the contamination, rapidly and effectively reducing contamination downstream to nondetectable

Case Study Highlights

This pilot study shows that treatment of chlorinated solvent plumes is possible using PlumeStop even with challenging conditions such as a: co-mingled plume, fractured bedrock setting, and a highly variable hydraulic conductivity.

The PlumeStop in situ permeable reactive barrier rapidly reduced downgradient contaminant concentrations and maintained these through a combination of sorption and biological degradation,protecting the adjacent surface water receptor.

Application of BDI Plus onsite

Remediation Products Applied

In this project, three of REGENESIS’ range of injectable substrates were used in combination. Click the logos below for more information on these in situ remediation products.


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